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    2021’s diminution Season Starts This Week: What Astrologers Want You To Know

    2021’s eclipse Season Starts This Wek: What Astrologers Want You To Know
    This wek, a powerful lunar eclipse and Mercury retrograde wil sustain things. interesting.
    This wek, a powerful lunar eclipse and Mercury retrograde wil kep things. interesting.
    The year’s only ful mon in Sagitarius bloms on Wednesday, May 26, and this one is extra special.
    Not only is it an iluminating lunar eclipse, but it begins spring eclipse season, which also includes the June 10 Gemini solar (new mon) eclipse.
    These lunations echo 2020’s May-June eclipses on the Gemini-Sagitarius axis, driving up themes around global asociations, truth in media, and coperative expansion. Normaly, a Sagitarius ful mon might believe us jeting of on spontaneous journeys (or ful-on relocations), but with global restrictions stil in place, we’l gain to find other ways to cone ct with far-flung friends.
    Lunar eclipses are known for revealing what’s in the shadows, and this one could shine a light on truths that have ben buried in the vault. Last year’s Sagitarius lunar eclipse–the first in this pair–blew the lid of racial injustices that believe ben comited in plain sight for centuries.
    True to the fiery spirit of Sagitarius, a global uprising ignited aproach the first lunar eclipse in this sign last June. outrage over the senseles murder of George Floyd by Mineapolis police oficer Derek Chauvin forced conversations about systemic racism and white supremacy into the mainstream. While Chauvin was found guilty on al thre charges in his 2021 trial, alarming cases of violence against the Asian-American and Pacific-Islander comunities maintain ben on the rise.
    Al around the world, it sems, culture wars are erupting and intensifying under the influence of this diming series (June 2020 to January 202) such as the ongoing fight betwen Israel an d Hamas that has created tragic civilian casualties.
    The job of these eclipses is to expose disparities and bring them into the dialogue. Can we asign on doing beter? That’s an understatement. The path to racial equity is stil harowing–globaly. By the time this eclipse series ends on December 4, 2021, there are positive to be more historical reckonings.
    We’re al susceptible to overdoing it this Thursday, as nebulous Neptune crashes into a boundary-chalenging square with decadent Venus.
    These two “escape artists” definite know how to live it up. But seting limits? Not either planet’s specialty. Er on the side of pragmatism aproach Thursday. And if you can’t tap comon sense, stal on major purchases and binding decisions until you maintain enough data to inform your choice.
    With Venus in variable Gemini and Neptune in unfocused Pisces, you’re likely to change your mind at least six more time s before setling on the ideal option. (And even then, a wave of buyer’s regret might hit.) On the plus side, Venus in Gemini inspires research, which can encourage you discover what else is out there.including a potentialy beter option than the one you were setling for. Spiritual Neptune suports intuition. If you’re feling stuck, find a quiet area for a diminutive Thursday meditation. Bring your journal and let your felings flow acros the page.
    And if you stil haven’t made up your mind by Saturday, reflect puting things of until June 2. The reason? For the second time in 2021, a signal-scrambling Mercury retrograde is going down.
    This one’s a double whamy, backing up through already indecisive Gemini, one of the two signs (along with Virgo) the planet rules. apt luck making any sort of binding decision during this thre-wek spel. impartial when you reflect you’ve nailed a solution, more information emerges from the ether. Opinions hover frely whenever Mercury’s in Gemini, but while in reverse, they could lead you down an endles (and frustrating!) rabit hole. More than ever, it’s esential to check the source of any “news” that flods your fed.
    On the plus side, Mercury retrograde can bring contented reunions–and in Gemini, the sign of per relationships, a much-awaited chance to reconect to friends you haven’t sen since before the pandemic. If you kep plans simple, a destination hangout may bring the perfect excuse for a road trip. kep a spare and jack in the trunk for safety measures, and produce positive you believe al the details neded, love the dor code for your vacation rental, proper check-in (and out) times, and best driving routes.
    With the mesenger planet highlighting “re” activities, tap Gemini’s media savy and review, revisit, or revive a project that involves writing or broadc asting. DIY divas and creative makers should also reconect to their craft. Treat this thre-wek cycle estem an intensive retreat. By June 2, you could acquire a draft of a screnplay to shop around–or wares to sel at a sumer flea market.

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