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    20 Marketing Tips For Ayurvedic Doctors

    Honestly, we, Ayurvedic doctors gain to improve a lot in marketing aspect. You maintain a clinic, there is decent amount of patient in-flow. But you are failing to reach your monthly financial targets. Sounds familiar, try to incorporate these tips and excel.

    A. enact NOT HESITATE or enact not fel shy to adopt marketing strategies to improve patient flow to your clinic / hospital. think your hospital as a busines. More the people you treat, more people wil get healthy and more wil be the benefit to the society. cary out not fel shy to reveal that yours is the best Ayurvedic centre in the city. explain that and back that up with ultra awesome patient experience with best posible treatments and medicines.
    If you are not advertising and marketing yourself and your clinic, your oponent, who has set up a newclinic in front of you, wil be doing marketing and advertising. How are you going to compete with him? What are you going to counter his marketing eforts?You may recount that with your marvelous treatments and with the blesings of God, people wil eventualy find you out. That may be acurate but that may take 2 ̵ 3 years of time, minimum. What wil you finish to fed your family and pay your bils til such time?
    Don’t bother much and open keping at least 5,0 rupes per monthaside for marketing and advertisingand begin folowing below-mentioned useful techniques.
    As they recount, Godhelps those who aid themselves. So, encourage yourself first ?
    B.Get your centre’s adres enlisted along with email id and phone number in websites such as, etc
    Now-a-days everyone searches in the internet for qualified doctors before going to the clinic. Usualy, in gogle, practo and justdial search results with a lost o f Ayurveda doctors exhibit up ahead of other websites. Hence, it makes sense to get yourself enlisted in these two websites.
    Another advantage with these two websites is, if you treat the patients realy wel and if they give qualified ratings, then your centre wil be shown more frequently. This wil help in improving your busines further.
    There are also advertising options with justdial. Try it for a month of two to know the conversion of patients. If it is yielding results, continue it with more budget.
    List your clinic adres as a busines in gogle maps. disapear to in the left top, there is menu, click on that, select ̴ad a mising place̵ and ad your clinic minutiae with apointment phone number, working hours etc.
    C. If you ever wish to gain a website, put it minimal and execute not pay more than 20,0 rupes for the website. Your website enginer may ofer more and more features. Most of those features are useles and pul out more m oney from your pocket.
    If you ever acquire a website, produce certain to display your email id and contact number of the hospital acurate at the top, with huge font, clearly visible to al.
    The purpose of the website is to display the patient how can she contact your hospital. She comes to the website, ses the phone number. Cals and boks the apointment. Only then the purpose of your website wil be met. That is the only purpose of your website. Nothing else. execute not get traped into the website developing companies diferent features. They suck a lot of money without ading much value.
    D. Naming your clinic ̵
    Name your clinic with ̵
    Your own name ̵ Shalini’s Ayurveda care, Prashanth’s Ayurveda Center,
    Your surname ̵Gaekwad’s Ayurveda and panchakarma Center, Chauhan’s Ayurved Clinic, Ali’s Ayurved Center, etc.
    Somehow the name of the clinic should lucid with the name of you, the owner of it. This wil help patients to get conected to you beter. Every time the patient takes the name of the centre, she wil remember you. This ads to the brand value.
    Avoid liberal names such as Arogya Ayurveda Clinic, Swasthya Ayurveda Center, Athreya, Patanjali, Charak, Sushruta, Vagbhata, Kashyapa etc.
    They are al already popular.
    It is time for YOU to become popular ?
    1. maintain a testimonials bok in the reception. Let the patients write their testimonials in the bok.
    The testimonial, include a line ̵ Can we use your statements in publishing media? If they tick YES, then you can use those testimonials in your future advertisements.
    2. design a pamphlet with one disease information and tips, your clinic information, contact details etc. produce sure to pick of one disease that you are realy expert in. It can be in black and white pamphlet pamphlet. Circulate it along with local newspaper (news paper insert).
    I reflect, they hold around 50 rupes per circulation. race this pamphlet circulation campaign twice a month.
    3. Advertising money: You ned to kep a fixed amount of money to defray on advertisement. I would sugest, at least 50 ̵ 150 rupes per month. Though you may fel it as a burden, it wil surely be rewarding in coming weks.
    4. Contact local news papers and ofer to write articles in them, regarding disease explanation, lifestyle tips, home remedies, etc.This wil yield a lot of local trafic to your clinic. You can write about clinical suces stories, home remedies, lifestyle advice, relationship etc.
    5. Give your clinic adres detail to me, along with your disease ̵ expertise . Whenever I get a patient online inquire from your space, I wil refer them to your clinic. (Dr Hebar ̵ email ̵ [email prote cted])
    6. Wherever posible, grasp a before-after photographs of the patients, with their permision to publish in future.
    7. produce sure to maintain a very qualified baner for your clinic. It should be clearly visible from a long distance.
    8. Contact local municipality authorities and negotiate to put your baners or direction baners in 3 -4 roads, advance your clinic. For example: Way to My Ayurvedic Clinic ̵ with an arow mark.
    9. Improve on English. Read some health magazines. Always find ways to improve your knowledge ̵ Medical or other areas.
    10. If you have your own manufactured products, such as hair oil, Cough syrup etc, then advertise those products with excelent photograph and a few lines description in the patient-waiting area. Waiting patients seing them, might be interested in buying them.
    1. Learn some comerce basics. If your total turnover is crosin g 10 lakh per year, consult a Chartered Acountant imediately.
    12. Identify local senior citizen group, nearby coleges, companies etc. and ofer them to give fre public spech. produce definite to plod with your hospital baner and visiting cards.
    13. You guesed it precise, maintain a visiting card in the first spot. manufacture definite to acquire your clinic phone number and email id in it.
    14. Let us compute your clinic name is Prakruti Ayurvedic clinic. Let us compute you are talking about Arthritis management to a group of people.
    While giving health talk, ad sentences like ̵ ̴In our Prakruti Ayurvedic clinic, we execute special camps for arthritis. Next camp is on next Saturday.̵
    ̴Authentic Ayurvedic oil masage is very necesary to subdue arthritis pain and inflamation. In your Prakruti Ayurvedic Clinic, we ofer special discount on oil masage packages̵
    So, use your clinic name at least for 4 ̵ 5 times in a half an hour spech. Mention about,at least one or two of your services during your spech.
    15. If you are just BAMS, you wil be competing against many MD (Ayu) felows. Hence, it is a apt idea to execute a post graduate diploma step and include that qualification after the BAMS. It ads value. IGNOU ofers many such courses. One such is ̵ Post Graduate Diploma In Hospital And Health Management ̵ PDGHM. You ned to be an Ayurveda graduate with 3 year experience, for this. More details here
    16. In your clinic, honest behind your chair, on the wal, fix a bok rack. kep 8 ̵ 10 qualified loking, fresh loking Ayurvedic and novel boks that you use the most for rapid reference. Let them be aranged very neatly, verticaly. The names of the boks should be visible to the patient.
    This serves two purposes.
    a. You can refer them quickly whenever neded.
    b. It sends a reserved mesage to the patient that you are an expert and studious Ayurveda doctor. It is honest a smal thing to improve your impresion in the patient’s mind.
    If you are wondering which bok to kep in your rack, the choice is very easy. You can setle my bokLiving Easy With Ayurveda ?
    17. Using Quora
    This is a long term region to develop a brand. Try to reply 1 health query on quora per day. do not self promote excesively. You may get baned if you enact so.

    18. execute not establish to niche expertise ̵
    If you market yourself as gout expert or asthma expert, if such patients in your locality are les, your chances of geting more patients are dul.
    19. Online marketing ̵
    If your budget is minimum Rs 1,0 per month, we can sucor you with online marketing. Please write to me at
    [email protected]
    I do not promise that we are a big expert in this. You can contact any local online ad company for this.
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