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    19 Mindfulness Mantras for Peace In the Here and Now

    We hear the word mindfulness often, but have you practiced mindfulness mantras yet?
    Mindfulness is the act of connecting with our mind, body, and soul in the present moment. Often, we are thinking ahead or thinking back.
    A mindfulness practice invites us to quiet these thoughts and to be actively present. A mindfulness practice teaches us to be more self-aware and tap into our own experience as we move through the world.
    We can elevate this practice and further tap into our presence and self-awareness through the use of mindfulness mantras.

    How Do We Use Mantras?
    Mantras are a tool we use to practice mindfulness. Let’s use a quick visualization exercise:
    Think of your healing journey, yoga, and meditation practice as the building blocks for a home you are constructing for yourself.
    When you are working on the exterior you may use one set of tools such as a saw or an ax. When you are working on the interior you may use other tools such as a drill or a hammer.

    Mindfulness is the act of connecting with our mind, body, and soul in the present moment.

    In some areas you may need bricks and in other areas you may need wood.
    These different choices can be viewed metaphorically as intention setting. We set intentions to streamline our manifestation and desires.
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    As we become more specific about what we desire to receive, the universe conspires to assist us.
    Ever read The Alchemist?
    We can use mindfulness mantras as our guide or tools to connect us back to the present moment, back to ourselves, and ultimately leading us back to our desires.
    Different mantras for mindfulness are used for different circumstances. So having a few options to choose from is helpful.
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    Use These 19 Mindfulness Mantras to Find Peace In the Present Moment:
    If you find your mind spiraling during the day, having trouble enjoying the moment, or feeling a little anxious due to over thinking, then these 19 mindfulness mantras are for you!

    1. I Am Love
    We all desire love and to feel loved by others. Another variation of this mantra for mindfulness is “I am loved.”
    Use this version of the mantra to place the ball back in your court. When you affirm to the Universe that you are love, you attract all things that align with love.

    2. My Energy Is Magnetic. Everything Meant For Me Will Find Me
    This mantra reminds us not to chase, worry or stress. What works out for you and what does not work out for you is all a part of the bigger plan. Know that if it is meant for you, you will have it.
    Use this mantra for mindfulness to encourage a new perspective on the things that may leave or not arrive at the pacing in which you hoped for.
    Because don’t you want the thing that has your name on it? Would you accept a package with someone else’s name on it as yours or would you wait patiently for yours to arrive?
    Again, be present with yourself in the moment and trust your package is coming.

    3. I Am a Patient Human Being
    All things will arrive in their own divine timing. Use this mantra to inspire you to trust the process!
    As we rush, we invite resistance that detracts from our desires. It is through patience and gratitude that we are reminded that even in the waiting period, we are good!

    4. I Am Exactly Where I Am Meant to Be
    You are on your journey. Your path. Where you are is where you are meant to be.
    Use this mantra for mindfulness to calm your spirit in moments of doubt.

    5. I Am Grateful for All I Have
    Nothing jump starts your day like acknowledging all the things you already have to be grateful for. Try it! Make a list of all of the things you are grateful for and watch your mood elevate.
    Use this mindful mantra to lift your spirits and show gratitude for all you already have in your beautiful life.

    6. I Have Everything I Desire Already Within Me
    Yup, you sure do! All the things and feelings we are searching for, we already possess. You my darling, are one powerful human being.
    Use this mindfulness mantra to ground yourself in your power.

    7. I Am Safe, Protected, and Divinely Guided
    There are moments where we may feel lonely, but we are never truly alone. We are surrounded by the love and abundance of the universe.
    Use this mantra for mindfulness when you are anxious or weary to remind you that you are not alone and that everything is going to be ok.

    8. I Am the Sun
    You sure are and you shine so brightly!
    Use this mantra to boost your confidence and expand your energetic aura.

    9. Everything Always Works Out for Me
    In the end, things truly do work themselves out. What decisions or actions would you have taken already if you knew they were guaranteed to work out?
    Use this mindfulness mantra to reassure you that your path is protected. The Universe has taken out an insurance policy on you.
    Live your life and know your circumstances could be different in a split second. Enjoy each and every moment.

    10. My Mind Is Clear, My Body Is Healthy, and My Soul Is Free
    Your life is a mind, body and soul experience. Finding harmony and balance in these areas allows your heart to truly feel free.
    Use this mindfulness mantra to check in with yourself after a long day or interesting experience.
    Perform a mental, emotional and physical body scan to amplify your self-awareness in the present moment.

    11. I Am Happy. I Take Responsibility For My Happiness
    Happiness is not a destination or gift someone can give to you. What a precious thing to put in someone else’s hands.

    Think of your healing journey, yoga, and meditation practice as the building blocks for a home you are constructing for yourself.

    Use this mantra for mindfulness to remind you that you hold the keys to your own happiness.

    12. With Every Breath, I Am Reminded That I Am Alive, and Thus Have More to Give
    There is a reason you are alive. There is a reason for the breath being placed back in your lungs today. You are here to fulfill your purpose and each day you receive to do so is a reminder that you matter and are needed in this world.
    Use this mantra to remind yourself of your purpose and the gifts you offer to the world.

    13. I Live a Life That Makes My Heart Sing
    Life is beautiful and should be felt.
    Use this mantra for mindfulness to empower you to live a life you love and have fun along the way!

    14. I Am Worthy of All That I Desire
    You deserve all the abundance of the Universe. Worthiness asserts that what we request, we also deserve to receive automatically.
    Use the mantra to validate yourself versus look for validation from others. Know that you are enough. You are worthy.

    15. I Give Myself Permission to Be All I Dreamed I Would Be
    We don’t even realize that we are afraid of pieces of ourselves. Afraid to tap into our own potential.

    We use mantras as our guide or tools to connect us back to the present moment, back to ourselves, and ultimately leading us back to our desires.

    Use this mindful mantra to align with your highest self and dare to dream.
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    16. I Am Allowed to Grow Into a New Version of Myself
    As we evolve, we leave pieces of our unhealed selves behind. With this we make room to grow in new ways and forms. There can be some guilt and shame for growing and leaving some things behind.
    And it can be painful when others hold us to a standard we have healed through or grown out of, but they have yet to experience with you.
    Use this mindful mantra to continue to grow and heal anyway. You are allowed to reinvent yourself as many times as your soul pleases.

    17. Embrace the Unexpected
    Life is going to throw you a few curve balls. Not everything is going to go as planned. It can be uncomfortable to deviate from the fantasy in your head for how each and every step should be played out.
    Use this mantra for mindfulness to move through unexpected, uncomfortable moments with ease. Just flow with it.

    18. I Am Releasing Resistance
    Resistance is a subconscious block you have within you that detracts your progression. Resistance is created through our fears. Consider what you most desire and what you are most afraid of and make notes on how the two relate.
    Use this mindfulness mantra to release what is holding you back and move forward on your journey.

    19. Be Afraid and Do It Anyway
    It may scare you, but don’t let it paralyze you. Beautiful things are birthed in uncomfortable moments.
    Use this mantra to be bold and brave.

    Practice Mantras for Mindfulness Regularly!
    Mindfulness is a daily practice to connect back within. Use these mindfulness mantras to support your mindfulness journey and overall peace of mind.
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    Here is one final activity for you. Use the following prompts to form your own mantras for mindfulness statements:
    I Am ________
    I Deserve ______
    I Have _________
    I Will __________
    I Shall _________
    Please comment with some of your favorite mindfulness mantras below and share what they mean to you! We always love to hear from you.

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