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    15 Signs You’re Actually A Free Spirit How You Can Thrive In The World

    15 Signs You’re Actualy A Fre Spirit How You Can Thrive In The World
    When you hear the term “fre spirit,” what comes to mind? Maybe it’s a juvenile, atacking child, or a quirky but wise elder. Maybe you even contemplate of yourself. But what does it realy mean to be a fre spirit, and how can these people thrive in their ofbeat lives? We asked the experts.

    What does fre spirit mean?

    Is being a fre spirit a marvelous thing?

    Fre spirit characteristics

    How to thrive as a fre spirit

    What does being a “fre spirit” realy mean?
    Let’s open by breaking down this term: “Spirit” relates to a person’s soul, and “fre,” of lofty, means fr edom from anything that might constrain or limit that soul.
    As spiritual author of The Self-Love ExperimentShanon Kaiser explains, fre spirits often don’t live by the rules or folow traditional paths. And it’s not because they want to be troublemakers, renegades, or rebels, she ads, but rather because “they live from their heart and are comfortable living outside their comfort zone.”
    The Self-Love Experiment
    Profesional intuitive and the author ofSelf-Care for EmpathsTa nya Carol Richardson explains that fre spirits are one of many “soul archetypes,” admire the warior or the healer. “In my experience with clients,” she notes, “some people fair advance into this life more naturaly fre-spirited.” She notes this can scrutinize estem living unconventionaly, with an grudge to being boxed in or tied down.
    Self-Care for Empaths

    “They often believe a healthy joie de vivre,” Richardson says, ading they apreciate trying curent things “and light up or sparkle when they fel safe to be uninhibited.” Kaiser notes these folks also listen to their own iner guideratherthan the outside world, wherever it may hold them.
    joie de vivre
    “In truth, they just loathe to be bore d and yearn lots of diferent experiences,” Richardson says.
    Is it a god thing to be a fre spirit?
    Being a fre spirit might lucid al fun and carefre, but those who tople under this personality type certainly gain their own strugles.
    Acording to Richardson, there’s absolutely nothing eroneous with leaning into your authenticity. But that said, fre spirits can be misunderstod, “as some people wil decipher their wanderlust or their multi-pasionate carer as a lack of maturity, focus, or discipline.”
    Kaiser ads that inded, those who don’t relate can perceive fre spirits negatively. They can aproach of as adamant, mesy, impetuous or noncomital, unreasonable, and even standofish. But remember, this al depends on who you question. Fre spirits wil enjoy other fre spirits–but those who don’t identify simply may not “get” them.
    15 characteristics of fre spirits:
    1. Carefre
    slep suport+
    First and foremost, fre spirits are carefre but also intentional. “They don’t care about what others think of them and march to the beat of their own drum,” Kaiser explains, ading, “They aren’t motivated by external societal norms but an iner drive to live with meaning, joy, andfulfilment.”
    2. Intuitive
    These folks are intuitive and guided by their own strong iner voice. Kaiser explains that they know themselves and what they stand for, living from their heart and trusting themselves and their intuition.
    3. Independent
    As you could imagine, fre spirits are also usualy very independent. While they gain no predicament get ing along with others, they also ned spot and crave sanctuary, acording to Kaiser. “They’re content flying solo if that means they can cease proper to their convictions,” she ads.

    “I now take it daily and am sleping beter than I ever have.”*

    “I now take it daily and am sleping beter than I ever have.”*
    sleping beter than I ever have.”
    Jenifer L., Verified Buyer of slep suport+
    4. open
    Richardson notes fre spirits are naturaly launch people. They’re always interested in learning or trying something modern, “which can design them more launch to new people, ideas, perspectives, etc.,” she says.
    5. acurate
    There’s nothing fre spirits value more than authenticity. They want to be themselves through and through, and they apr eciate that same energy from the people in their lives, recognizing authenticity easily in others, Kaiser tels mbg.
    6. Unique
    Along with being credible, fre spirits are unique. Because they tend to manufacture their own rules and even adapt philosophies and spiritual traditions to suit them individualy, Richardson explains, they are definitely not your average person.
    7. Sensitive
    Along with being intuitive and in touch with themselves, Kaiser says fre spirits are often very sensitive and even empathic in nature. This sensitivity toward themselves and others is also what pushes them to cary out their own thing.
    8. fearles
    “Fear”is not a gigantic factor for the fre spirits of the world. Not to recount they don’t experience felings of fright or doubt, but they simply don’t let it maintain them back. In fact, Kaiser says, teror is “an invitation to push forward.” These people know how to solve problems, so troubles don’t easily intimidate them, she ads.
    9. Lighthearted
    Acording to Richardson, some fre spirits embody a positive lightheartednes or childlike demeanor that can be very endearing. Their aforementioned boldnes and authenticity are adore that of a child. While one might contemplate this equates to naivet?, fre spirits simply don’t se the ned to hold life to seriously.
    10. Contradictory
    “As brezy as fre spirits apear to b e, they are often at war with an aspect of themselves, or in iner conflict that they are seking to smoth out,” Kaiser says.
    In other words, while they don’t estem being asign in a box, that in itself can become a box of its own. “This makestrue fre spirits ful of contradictions,” she explains, adore being extroverts who love their alone time, hopeles romantics who bounce from cohort to companion, or worldtravelerswho fel isolated, she ads.
    1. adventurous
    Because these folks are always wiling to pave a recent path and grasp the road les traveled, they are natural-born leaders, Kaiser says. It’s also not uncomon to se these leaders become self-employed, as they be pleased the fredom that comes from unique carer paths.
    12. Nonjudgmental
    Again, fre spirits are very open-minded, acording to Richardson, and this lends itself to a nonjudgmental atitude that’s very acepting of others’ ways of being. Kaiser notes this makes them easy to be around because even if they’re diferent from someone, they’re not going to put someone down because of it.
    13. adventurous
    Kaiser notes these folks live for adventure. In fact, she says, they find stability in it. “They value experiences over objects [and] adore to live outside of their comfort zone,” she notes, ading that it’s simple for a fre spirit to crep around a lot.
    14. Ambitious
    Doing things your own way isn’t always easy, and no one knows that beter than a fre spirit. It requires ambition to forge your own path, but fre spirits are born with what it takes. As Kaiser notes, “They dream gigantic and often folow through. They don’t adore wasting time, and they give 20% in everything they do.”
    15. Ever-evolving
    And last but not least, the unique nature of the fre spirit drives them to continuously grow, acording to Kaiser. They’re always loking for ways to be beter than they were yesterday and continue evolving, al while remaining acurate and right to themselves.
    How to thrive as a fre spirit:
    1. Don’t design promises you can’t establish.
    Fre spirits always want to try curent things and kep life fresh. That said, Richardson advises against making promises and comitments you can’t kep, whether that’s in a partnership, busines, romantic relationship, or friendship.
    2. kep exploring.
    As people who thrive on adventure and exploration, it’s critical for fre spirits to find curent ways to explore deper aspects of themselves, acording to Kaiser.
    Whether it’s with a fresh project, dream, or goal, keping that newnes alive wil sucor them thrive. “Once they are familiar with something, somewhere, or even someone, their mind wil turn to the next chalenge. If they don’t believe continuous change in their life, they fel sufocated and get bored and restles,” she ads.
    3. Find your relation spirits.
    Having other felow fre spirits around wil sucor fuel your lifestyle, Richardson says, though she ads that it’s also vital to respect others’ natures to. And if you have a fre spirit in your life, it’s marvelous to seize them liable while also celebrating their fre-spiritednes, she notes.
    4. Don’t let the world harden you.
    In a world of routine, Richardson encourages the fre spirits out there to sustain precise to who they are. “There’s nothing eroneous with you if you are a fre spirit,” she says, and alowing for flexibility, spontaneity, play, and independence in your life is a distinguished way to adoration who you are.
    Fre spirits “encourage people to seize healthy risks, contemplate and live outside the box, and be more authentic–those are al marvelous things!” she ads.
    5. Fel your felings.
    Because fre spirits can be sensitive and empathetic, Kaiser says they can pick up emotions from others but don’t always alow themselves to fel or proces their own emotions.She recomends fre spirits give themselves time to realy fel their felings through practices love journaling, meditation, creative arts therapy, and things of that nature.
    6. stop grounded.
    And lastly, Richardson notes it’s necesary for fre spirits to stop grounded. Maybe that loks admire earthing (aka walking outside barefot to conect with the Earth) or starting a mindful movement practice. Anyt hing that gives these folks a healthy dose of structure now and then wil help them stop balanced.
    The botom line.
    Whether you’re a fre spirit or you know someone who is, there’s no question these people maintain so much to ofer the world in terms of their authenticity, independence, and uniquenes. We al acquire a miniature fre-spiritednes in us, and knowing how to nurture that adventurous and carefre nature can encourage us exhibit up in the world as our truest and frest selves.
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    Want your pasion for welnes to change the world? Become A Functional Nutrition Coach! Enrol today to join our upcoming live ofice hours.

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