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    14 Fantastic Free Yoga Videos for Beginners

    Most beginners will want to try out some yoga moves before joining a group class to get a better understanding of what is involved in yoga and to be prepared for some of the basic yoga poses. Watching and practicing some free yoga videos is a great way to make sure you are ready to signup for studio classes. Unfortunately, with the large number and diversity of styles and options of yoga videos available, finding a good beginner video can feel overwhelming and daunting.
    While there are thousands of free instructional yoga videos online, many of them are not explicitly made for beginners. And like most YouTube videos, quality, production, and appropriateness can vary a lot. If you’re looking for the highest quality and most helpful online yoga classes for beginners we have compiled the top 14 best videos that you can explore in the comfort of your own home.
    If you’re brand new to yoga, please take things slowly as it is easier to injure yourself when practicing with a video rather than with a qualified yoga instructor. While it is normal to feel some aches and pains while your muscles adjust to the practice, feeling any sharp pain means you should slow down and come out of the pose. It is imperative to listen to your body at all times during the practice and do not practice any movements that feel painful or dangerous.
    Short beginner yoga videos (10-15 minutes)
    These beginning yoga videos are great to use if you are short on time. You can quickly check out these short yoga videos to help you refine what you enjoy and find helpful in an online yoga class. Once you are comfortable with these short videos, continue and explore the medium length videos next to build up towards a more challenging and fulfilling practice.
    Beginners Yoga Flow by Fightmaster Yoga
    This 15-minute yoga routine has only one standing pose, so this class focuses more on flexibility than strength. While this video is the first day of the proceeding beginner’s yoga 30-day challenge, you do not need to commit to the full challenge.
    Beginner Morning Yoga for Women by BrettLarkinYoga
    This “fun and feel-good” 10-minute yoga routine is a great way for beginners to start their day. This energizing vinyasa yoga class moves with the breath and flows between the basic poses of down dog and low lunge.
    Morning Yoga for Beginners by SarahBethYoga
    This 10-minute video guides you through several basic warm-up movements to “stretch out the stiffness and energize for a great day.” The pace and the clear concise instructions make this class very easy and enjoyable to follow.
    Beginners Yoga by Shona Vertue
    This upbeat and easy to follow 15-minute yoga video covers just six poses. These basic beginner poses are explained with clear details, great tips and also includes instruction on yogic breathing.
    Sun Salutation Flow for Beginners by YogiApproved
    The Sun Salutations are a basic sequence of linked poses to warm and energize the body. This video breaks down each pose in that series with clear alignment techniques so that you can practice the sequence with confidence and safety.
    Medium length beginner yoga videos (20-30 minutes)
    These medium length videos will give you a good taste of what a longer yoga practice feels like both physically and energetically. These videos will also help you refine your skills to move you towards attending an hour-long class, and the videos at the end of this list will prepare you for a more athletic vinyasa or flow yoga practice.
    Yoga For Beginners by Yoga With Adriene
    This slow and mindful yoga practice is perfect for beginners and is also a good “back to basics” refresher class. Adriene has a lovely and engaging personality, and her expert instructions will help you pay close attention to the alignment of each movement and pose.
    18 Basic Yoga Poses by mindbodygreen
    In this yoga video, you will learn how to set up and align into the many common yoga poses like Tadasana, Downward Facing Dog, Plank, Cobra, Up Dog, Warrior 2, Warrior 3, Tree, and Bridge. Caley pauses before each pose to explain the fundamental alignment principles before leading you into the asana.
    Beginner Foundation Flow by Yoga with Kassandra
    This yoga class begins with a short meditation and some warm-up movements for the spine. This foundational flow moves through a Warrior sequence while focusing on alignment and proper breathing techniques. The instructions on this video are clear, engaging, and slowly paced.
    Easy Yoga For Beginners by Boho Beautiful
    This 20-minute flow yoga sequence was created to stretch and relax your entire body and to build strength in the legs and core. This class might move through the poses a bit quickly for newbies, so this would be a great option to work up to once you’ve practiced with some slower-paced videos.
    ‘Let’s Start Yoga’ Flow for Beginners by Alo Yoga
    While this 30-Minute yoga class is geared towards those new to yoga, the pace and amount of instruction might be challenging for newbies. This sequence moves through various sun salutations and other fundamental poses that you will encounter in a Vinyasa style of yoga. If you are up for a challenge or wanting to practice the transitional movements between the poses.
    Yoga Flow for Beginners by Yoga by Candace
    This 20-minute flow sequence might be a bit too fast-paced for newbies but is still a good introduction to a vinyasa style of yoga. The instruction is concise yet detailed, and the class is lead with a calming patient voice and kind encouragement.
    Beginner Hatha Yoga Flow by Allie – The Journey Junkie
    This is a slower moving yoga class with a generous number of alignment cues to help you fine-tune the poses and help prevent injury. Practicing this sweet sequence will help you build up to a more challenging vinyasa style class.
    Vinyasa Yoga for Beginners by BrettLarkinYoga
    This yoga class begins with some half sun salutes to learn how to synchronize movement with the breath and then proceeds into full sun salutations. Brett slowly and patiently teaches the proper way of transitioning between cobra and downward dog as well as other key Vinyasa yoga transitions.
    Ashtanga Fundamentals by Laruga Glaser
    Ashtanga is the most physically challenging style of yoga, and this 20-minute class is a great introduction to its breath work and movements. This beautifully filmed class will teach you how to connect your breath with the movement as you flow through the Sun Salutations and a short finishing sequence.

    We hope you enjoyed this collection of the best yoga videos for beginners on YouTube. Practicing a variety of yoga videos will give you a solid foundation to explore more advanced or challenging yoga videos. We also recommend you check out our Yoga for Beginners section on the site to explore further and prep for your journey into yoga.
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