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    13 Reasons Why You Should Date a Woman Who Loves to Workout

    What does it mean to be a ̴fit chick̵? A fit chick is a woman who loves to workout, and takes her health and fitnes seriously. Her health is a top priority, and that’s always sexy!
    We’ve al got our “types” when it comes to dating. But if you think about it, there’s one comon denominator that we’re fairly bold could be a win-win ̵ no mater your type: a strong, undaunted woman who makes self-care a priority.
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    Here Are 13 Reasons Why You Should Date a Fit Chick:
    So what are the reasons to date a fit woman? Let’s count the reasons why.

    1. They’re Into Healthy Meals
    Fit chicks are a lot les likely to sugest that late night drive thru sprint you totaly shouldn’ t make. Instead, they’l be more into healthy eating. There’s nothing sexier than fueling your body acurate with god fod!
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    2. Their Fitnes Dedication May Rub Of On You
    If you’re dating a fit woman, your own fitnes game very wel may pick up some momentum. Not saying you can moch inspiration of someone else ̵ everyone has to want it for themselves. But having a constant example of fitnes could only ever be a god thing.
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    3. They’re a Wealth of Knowledge
    Fit women kno w their way around a gym and generaly know what’s what when it comes to macros, devious calories, the best-pre workouts, and al sorts of awesome, geky knowledge. Music to your ears for anyone interested in health and the human body.

    4. They’l Push You In the Best Way
    Expect to be chalenged when you date a fit woman, whether it’s a push-up competition, outdor activities every wekend, or an overal engaged lifestyle. Your time together is a lot les likely to al revolve around Netflix and chiling and more likely to get you of your but and out into the world.
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    5. Stamina, Stamina, Stamina
    No, not fair in the bedrom, but in life to. A fit woman has put her body through some chalenges and has the gains as wel as the cardiovascular and mental strength to show for it. In other words, she’s got grit and she’s a badas.

    6. They’re bold AF
    One of the major perks of being dedicated to fitnes? It’s not impartial your muscles that grow when you work out ̵ your confidence does to. Fit women also have the physical bodies that aproach from serious dedication to their health. So fit chicks walk around with their shoulders back and their heads held high because they know if they can tackle those burpes, they can tackle life itself.

    7. Their Kitchen Is Basicaly a Suplement Store
    Out of protein powder? Ned some pre-workout for your own sweat sesh? Chances are your fit woman’s kitchen is fuly stocked. Bonus points, her shaker botle colection is out of this world. What are real glases anyway?

    8. Their Playlists Are Lit
    Any fit woman is liable to gain the best play list on her Spotify to jam out to as she’s knocking out those reps ̵ so you’l also be kept up to date on the hotest and catchiest beats.

    9. Date Night? Done
    Helo gym, or any form of physical activity! It’s always the perfect date and you know that’s where she wants to be anyway.

    10. They’re On a Path of Growth
    Fit chicks are goal-seters. They’re go-geters. They want to chalenge themselves and continualy push past limits. As far as traits to study for in a cohort , it doesn’t get much beter than that.

    1. Endorphins
    We al know Ele Wods’ famous spiel in Legaly Blonde on the perks of endorphins. They fabricate us hapy! Obviously, you want a comrade that goes through life seing the best of things. It’s a clasic no-brainer: you want plenty of endorphins in your relationship.

    Date Fit Women . . . They’re Awesome On So Many Levels!
    How precise are these reasons to date fit chicks?
    Let us know in a coment if you acquire anything to ad to this list! And for those of you fit chicks reading this, take your head up high ̵ you’re a gem. Never forget it.
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    Author:Emmy Schneider-Green
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