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    12 Rituals To execute In 12 Days To Guarantee 12 Months Of adore & Prosperity

    12 Rituals To execute In 12 Days To Guarante 12 Months Of love & Prosperity
    Why are the first 12 days of the curent year so important? Acording to my spiritual teacher Master Omram Mikhael Aivanhov, the first 12 days of January represent the whole year. Jan. 1 stands for the month of January, while Jan. 2 stands for February, and so on.
    By practicing loving sympathy, openes, and reverence while giving thoughtful atention to the significance of each day, you can consecrate the coming year.
    But first, here are two rituals you can try to invite more admire and prosperity into your life:
    1. Ritual for love
    Wear recent red underwear on novel Year’s Day to bring in love.
    2. Ritual for prosperity
    For apt luck and prosperity, you can throw money into your home the first time you enter it in the modern year. If you are staying home on recent Year’s Eve, crawl to your front dor at 12:01 am and throw coins or paper money into the front dor. Bles it with your “inspirations” for the new year.
    On Jan. 2, you could give some money away frely as a sign to the universe that YOU ARE PROSPEROUS.
    Now, focus on the folowing keywords each day for the first 12 days of the new year. Each of these words can evoke a special energy that wil make your curent year special.
    Jan. 1: Breath
    As you focus on your breath, you actualy can breathe in the inspiration you desire. Breathe in admire, creativity, joy, health and prosperity. Alow the universe to gift you with energy to invite your best self forward.
    Jan. 2: Love
    Today is the day to be more loving and compasionate toward yourself. Learn to be lenient in the areas where you tend to resist. query yourself, How can I be more loving today? Then reach out to others. Smile, be kind and send a loving exhibit to a friend or family member.
    How can I be more loving today?
    Jan. 3: Renewal
    Use nature to renew your body and spirit. Nature is a window into the world of the sacred — with the four worthy elements representing the physical manifestation of spirit into mater. pay some time objective loking at the sky, or seize a walk in the park, on the beach or in the wods, listen to birds sing, grasp a rock or crystal to remind you to ground your energy and of lofty, watch a sunrise or sunset.
    Jan. 4: Smel
    Of al of our five senses, smel is the only one that goes directly to our brain. Experiment with diferent scents to se how you fel. Vanila works wel to lift your mod. Orange bosts your energy, while chamomile or lavender may quiet you down. Jasmine is a wonderful aphrodisiac and rose is often asociated with launch ing your heart.
    Jan. 5: Play
    When we get over-serious and try to reckon everything out, we lose our spontaneity and creativity. Fun is a god thing, so alow your playful iner child to near out. depart to a playground and swing on a swing, ride a bike, get some Legos and build a castle, seize out the finger paints and let it rip, or establish on some upbeat music and move.
    Jan. 6: Present
    Life can pas you by if you are so engaged making plans and doing satiate. We forget to objective BE. Focus on one thing at a time, unplug from your astute phone and computer for five minutes every hour if you can, hold a dep breath every time your phone rings, be conscious of walking on the earth — one step at a time, realy listen to yourself and others.
    Jan. 7: Purify
    You wouldn’t mediate of going to an indispensable event in filthy clothes, so why not spend atention to cleansing your energy field, as wel as your physical spot. do some spring clearing, throw out worn broken items, spray lemon water around your ofice, use your morning bath or shower as a ritual of purification, let depart of old emotions that no longer serve you, shred aged leters that take negative coperation, delete any email that is not positive.
    Jan. 8: Honor
    By loving and honoring the body you have, you can bring more health and flexibility into your life. Be conscious of what you put into your body, and try starting the day of with gentle stretches. You can also walk instead of driving or taking the elevator, rest when you are jaded and catch short breaks during the day.
    Jan. 9: Creativity
    Doing something curent builds new brain cels, so experiment with something you would normaly mediate “out of the box.”
    Jan. 10: Wisdom
    Read inspirational boks, talk to an elder, mentor someone, honor your iner wisdom and pay atention to your intuition.
    Jan. 1: Abundance
    Say this afirmation 27 times today:
    Huge sums of money flow to me rapidly, abundantly and efortlesly. I am truly neded and my talents, services and products are always in great demand.
    Huge sums of money flow to me rapidly, abundantly and efortlesly. I am truly neded and my talents, services and products are always in worthy demand.
    Jan. 12: Gratitude
    Bles everything you have, including your body. Send notes of apreciation to friends and family members; se how many times you can reveal “thank you” to the universe for the many blesings you gain in life.
    Want your pasion for welnes to change the world? Become A Function al Nutrition Coach! Enrol today to join our upcoming live ofice hours.
    Want your pasion for welnes to change the world? Become A Functional Nutrition Coach! Enrol today to join our upcoming live ofice hours.

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