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    10 Tips To Find Zen In The Chaos Of Everyday Life

    10 Tips To Find Zen In The Chaos Of Everyday Life
    Last updated on June 29, 2020
    Zen is a term that describes a feling of peace, onenes, and enlightenment. It also describes a type of Budhism in which meditation is worn to stay show and non-judgmental. Zen is practiced diligently over a lifetime. Monk and teacher Shunryu Suzuki describes the practice by saying, “Zen is not some kind of excitement, but concentration on our usual everyday routine.”
    One can open to infuse their life with more zen by slowing down-though this isn’t so easy to finish in the hustle and bustle of new life. Imagine your day as a movie: Where, in al that race and activity, can you push stop or slow down the frame? Figuring that out is the first step in finding more zen. Here are 10 ideas for how to setle stilnes amid the chaos.
    1. Close your eyes.
    Anytime you want, you can stop and pul the blinds shut and turn your gaze inward. When you enact this, you are loking into the comely stilnes of your iner world, and it is the first step toward becoming more at peace.
    2. Count to 10.
    You can almost hear an authority figure’s voice when you read this one, can’t you? When faced with a stresful moment, conclude and count to 10. It worked when you were puny, and it works now. Ading dep ujayi breaths (an ancient yoga breathing method to aid calm the mind) to your counting can asist fabricate it even more efective.
    3. catch dep breaths with a mantra.
    First, find your breath. Don’t go so swiftly that you hold it for granted. Notice i t. Find moments in your day when you can breathe while taking show. And if you can, ad let and go to the breath. Pul a huge inhale in through your nose, filing up your bely from the botom of you al the way up to the top of you. narate to yourself let. Then exhale the breath out your nose from top to botom, saying to yourself go. Repeating this mindful breathing with a mantra increases your focus and contributes to a feling of balance and grounding.
    4. do something baty.
    As we get older, we tend to finish fewer insane things and we smile and bely-laugh les often. Let’s change that: have a spontaneous dance party in your undies tomorow morning. Skip instead of walking. enact something that helps you find joy each day. Laughing is qualified medicine; hapines is the place where zen lives.
    5. Walk or bike instead of driving.
    When was the last time you tok a walk instead of driving? Or grabed your bicycle and headed out for your morning cofe? In adition to stimulating your heart a bit and creating an oportunity for dep, fresh breaths, these activities can encourage you slow down and become more mindful of your suroundings.
    6. Curate your morning routine.
    Finding some “you time” in those calm early hours can set the tone for your entire day. Set your teror a bit early one day a wek and give yourself a marvelous dose of “you time” with a longer morning rout ine. You can use this time to journal, meditate, work out–anything that gets your day started on the corect note.
    7. hold a five-minute stop (dhyana).
    Meditation can hapen in impartial a few minutes, and those few minutes can be life-changing. Set aside five minutes each day to finish a mini-meditation sesion. Sit in a comfortable seated region; close your eyes; open taking dep, ful breaths in and out through your nose; close your eyes; and breathe. adhere your thoughts without puting to much weight on them–imagine they are cars driving on the freway and you’re watching them pas from the sidewalk.
    To suport careful tabs on the time without an fright, grab a mala (string of beads) and use it to count the breaths and stop focused.
    8. Set reminders for “NOW.”
    We plod so, so hasty with so, so many apointments and metings and responsibilities. establish a daily reminder in your calendar to sucor you pause and notice “NOW.” Ad a gorgeous photo, a theme song, or just a dinky quote to your reminder so that when it pops up, you know it’s your reminder to savor the exact place you are in at that moment.
    9. Let crep.
    Holding on to anything (realy, anything) means you aren’t exhibit and extensive begin. Practice leting plod in smal ways, like journaling on the things you’d love to leave tedious you and imagining them being locked in those pages once you close the bok.
    10. determine zen.
    “Think. recount. Do.” Every action is first a notion. Every idea has an intention. Set a clear and hopeful intention to “find zen” in your everyday lif e. contemplate it, recount it, and do it.
    In a perfect world, there would be fewer external isues that demand our atention and shake our sense of amicable. But chaos makes life interesting–and developing a zen ability to weather the storms is a valuable, life-afirming practice.

    Author:Pat Bailey
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